Sport Utility Towables

Sport Utility Towable The Sport Utility Towable, or SUT, is the first heavy commercial towable that transforms into three different products. This patent-pending product is the last towable you will ever need to buy because it does everything you need a towable to do. Load up your SUT transformed into a water trailer. Tow up to 1200 pounds of equipment out to your favorite remote campsite behind any PWC or boat with 25 HP or more.

When you arrive, unload your SUT an in less than 5 minutes transform it into a swimming platform. Tow it out in your favorite cove and anchor it in place for sun bathing or swim recreation. If it's action you're looking for, hook it up behind your boat or PWC transformed as a 6 passenger watersled and head out for some excitement.

Whatever you decide to do, the Sport Utility Towable is built for commercial use and will provide lasting fun summer after summer.

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