Inflatable Watersleds

Parasail WorkShop offers the water sport enthusiast the ultimate in fun towables for maximum boating adventure. Simple inflation, loads of fun, then easy deflation: that's the fun cycle!

All Inflatable Water Sleds are manufactured with durable, long-lasting 420 Denier Rubberized nylon. With proper care and maintenance your Inflatable Water Sled will last for many years.

For your riding pleasure, we offer the following Inflatable Water Sleds:

Product Max Load Width Length Material Ship
Box Size
3 Man 600 lbs 3' 5” 13' 420 denierEDPM 40 lbs
19”l x 21”w x 8”h
5 Man 1000 lbs 4' 3” 17' 420 denierEDPM 60 lbs
29”l x 22”w x 8”h
6 Man 1200 lbs 4' 5” 19' 420 denierEDPM 68 lbs
29”l x 24”w x 8”h

Inflatable Watersled Accessories
Tow Line
75 ft
Half Inch Poly Floats.
Life Jacket
America's Cup 3 Buckle
Great Quality, Great Price!
Easy Inflation, Quick Deflation
12 Volt (DC), 110 Volt (AC) Dual Volt.
Extra Patch Kit
For Camps and Commercial Users.

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